The creation of Them Fangs

In 2011 songwriter Garrett Cillo met drummer Andrea Belfiore at the bustling Jazz Club Apotheke in New York’s Chinatown. Cillo was fresh out of CBGB-styled NY band Shoot The Freak, Belfiore was settling into Brooklyn after studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The two were different in many ways, mainly, Cillo was raised in a bucolic Appalachian town while Belfiore grew up along the glimmering Italian coastline. Still, grown at different ends of the world, their paths converged to serve a common purpose: rock and roll.

Embracing their musical compatibility the duo formed their premiere band, The VeeVees. After years of writing and live performances the band’s musicality evolved and so grew the need for collaboration. The expanding lineup soon included Ukrainian-American bassist, Artur Novoselsky. Being a recent transplant from Colorado, Novoselsky hung in the local rock scene when he happened upon The VeeVees music. Impressed with the band’s live energy Art made an introduction and the rest fell in line.

The formulated band went on to wow crowds at venues like Lincoln Center, Afropunk Musical Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and many more. Yet, by the Spring of 2017, the band’s co-vocalist, Sophia Urista, informed the band she needed to leave NYC. Deciding against disbandment the remaining trio chose to begin anew. With their years of musical foundation the ex-VeeVees returned stronger with the creation of their refined rock trio, THEM FANGS.

In a years time, Them Fangs has performed at 30+ concerts and events, toured the American Northeast, sold out Mercury Lounge (NYC), played for a capacity crowd at Bowery Ballroom, played a 3 hour set for AIDS Walk NYC, and released their debut EP, Put Some Feels on It. It took only two months for that debut to gain 30,000+ Spotify streams which pushed their entire catalog over 50,000 streams worldwide.

Recently the band worked with producer/engineer Roy Hendrickson (Avatar Studios/Power Station) to cut two new singles at Spring Recording Studio Studio, LIC. In addition, the band took a quick trip to LA to cut a single with producer/engineer James Saez (The Audio Labs). Looking on, the band plans to tour America and Europe in 2019.